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    Embark on an unforgettable journey with Vasquez Belize Expedition Tours – Your Gateway to an Unforgettable Journey! Discover the jewel of Central America and let us guide you towards a transformative experience that will leave you with a lifelong love for Belize.”

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    “At Vasquez Belize Expedition Tours, our mission is to go beyond mere sightseeing and instead, provide our guests with a truly immersive and educational experience in Belize. Our dedicated team of tour guides are passionate about showcasing the natural wonders and cultural heritage of this beautiful country. We believe in creating lasting memories and inspiring a love for Belize that goes far beyond the duration of our tours.


    We are committed to promoting responsible tourism practices, ensuring that the places we visit and the communities we interact with are respected and supported. Our tours provide an opportunity for meaningful cultural exchange, as we encourage our guests to engage with and learn from local communities. By fostering respect for Belize’s cultural heritage, we aim to create ambassadors who will advocate for the preservation of this remarkable country.


    Through our transformative tours, we aim to leave our guests with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for the wonders of Belize. We want to ignite a passion within them to share their experiences and raise awareness about the country’s unique attractions. By doing so, we hope to inspire others to engage in sustainable tourism practices and support the preservation efforts that are crucial to the future of Belize.


    Our Tour Packages

    Jungle Water Falls River Tour/Macal River

    Cahal Pech Tour

    Xunantunich Tour

    Barton Creek Cave Canoeing and Big Rock Waterfall

    Cave Tubing and Zip lining

    Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave Tour

    Caracol Maya Temple Tour with Rio Frio Cave and Rio on Pools

    Tikal Day Tour

    Shuttles/Transfers Within Belize

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